Exhibition hall

The exhibition hall is located on the first floor of the main pavilion of the Tianxin Pavilion. In the center is enshrined "Wenchang Dijun, Kuixing Goddess", which is to protect the prosperity of the Wenyun of Changsha.

On both sides of the two statues of the gods stone pillars plaque engraved with Zeng Guofan inscribed couplets: the upper couplet is "vertical training meaning is infinite, Shuo Gubing Jin, total but Gangchang Mingjiao";The next joint is: "reading period useful, Habitat benevolence by righteousness, do not act in the section article".From this couplet of Zeng Guofan, we can see that in the historical environment at that time, scholars could not have obtained official positions and made a difference without passing the imperial examination.And to obtain fame and fame, but also have to rely on their own study hard and the persistence of Gangchang Mingjiao.Above the title has "prosperous" four words plaque, indicates that Hunan outstanding people and land, prosperous, is the place of talent.Exhibition hall on the right side of the wall on the green flag inscribed with "all previous dynasties hunan top list", left side engraved with "in changsha jinshi list" and "fu Ming and qing dynasties changsha famous imperial examination talent directory, careful visitors will find friend, hunan jinbang title -- not a scholar who lived in ages past 15 people, and exceeded otherregions person of more than 1300 people, at the same time, the prominent, go a long way of per capita among jinshi!