Ancient Wall
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According to the Han Official Yi written by Ying Shao of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the city of Changsha was first built in the Warring States Period.In 202 B. C. (the fifth year of the reign of Emperor Gaozu of Han Dynasty), Wu Rui was given the title of King of Changsha and the State of Changsha by Liu Bang of Emperor Gaozu of Han Dynasty because of his meritorious deeds in leading Yue people to help Liu destroy Qin.In the "Notes on the Water Classic" written by Li Daoyuan in the Northern Wei Dynasty, he said, "In the fifth year of the Han Dynasty, Wu Rui was granted the title of King of Changsha, which is the city of Rui."It can be seen that the large earthen city wall of Changsha existed as early as more than 2200 years ago.

Began in 1923, xiang du tan yankai ordered the demolition of changsha ancient city wall built around the street, headed by prime minister municipal ccba Cao Dianqiu as a group of scholars proposed to retain your excellency the walls are recognized as cultural relics, so after the demolition of changsha, ancient city wall leaving today, as you have a, has been set as the only remains of the ancient city of changsha real object for the posterity history, its length of 251 meters, the height is 13.4 meters, the top surface width of 6.1 meters.