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Light the heart lamp and pray for the new year
Published Time:2021-02-23

Day and night alternate, night falls, when Twilight outlines or thick or light scenery, Tianxin Pavilion began her romantic warmth.

In the vicissitudes of the sea, the sky Pavilion lights the heart lamp when the ancient Pavilion welcomes or welcomes guests far or near, and wishes you the new year.

Changsha city carries the future expectations, and Tianxin Pavilion is full of past feelings. We are looking forward to a reunion to a ceremony to complete the new year's festival. Mountains and rivers are long. No matter how far your steps go, there is always a lamp and always a watchful place. It is the place you want to reach most in your heart. Let's start with this wonderful wish and start from this auspicious place.

When you hold this wish, go to the wall, ascend to the top of the attic, wear soft light, splash ink far away, enough to let the relatives of foreign countries feel the gentle, this kind of warmth. When you count the past, listen to the wind and enjoy the light with me, enjoy high-definition with me, fill with stars, light up the way, enough to make the family around us difficult to cover the satisfaction of the world.

Whether you come or not, there is always a lamp for you to light; whether you are tired or not, there is always a city to escort you. A light in Tianxin Pavilion lights not only the way you came, but also your inner way back. In the direction of the dreamer, you only need to take the wind and break the waves, and Changsha City will escort you.

At the beginning of the new year, everything is updated.

At the upcoming Lantern Festival, invite you to listen to a high-level old play under the fuming Pavilion. There is a spring breeze on the Tianxin Pavilion for ten li. A riddle of Ruyi lantern is guessed on the wall of the ancient city. Gather here to pray for the new year. May you take the blessing of this ancient pavilion, with the warmth of the city, all the way forward, step by step, warm.


Lantern night is still open for free

Guessing lantern riddles and making lanterns


Time: February 26 (Lantern Festival) starts at 19:00

Venue: 1. Riddle guessing: the ancient city wall area of Tianxin Pavilion (from the ticket office of the attic to the city wall section of xiongzhenmen)

            2. Lantern Making: the first floor of Beigong

Target: primary and secondary school students

Activity gift: those who guess the riddle correctly can get 1 cartoon lantern (gift is limited, only after receiving)

Gift exchange point: the first floor of Tianxin Pavilion


Live performance of guzheng and Hunan Opera


Activity time: February 26 (Lantern Festival) 19:00-20:10

Activity location: inside the fumigation Pavilion

Hunan Opera repertoire: 1. Hunan opera Gao Qiang: Mao Zedong poetry in Qinyuan spring Changsha

2. Opera joint singing: including Huangmei Opera, Huagu opera, Henan Opera and Beijing Opera

Introduction to Hunan opera actors: Nie Li, a national second-class actor of Hunan opera academy. Member of China Dramatist Association and Hunan Opera Association. The work boudoir, Huadan. It is very good to be handsome and sing. Hunan opera has a strong tradition, wide play path, good at showing character and giving stage creativity. He has been leading the leading role in 20 years in art and has reached more than 20.


written words | Hui Zhou

picture | Shengshi Tianxing Pavilion is partly from the Internet

edit | Wenling Zou

to examine | Jing Wang      Kaiming Wang