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Published Time:2019-11-06

In the golden autumn of October, 2019, the interpreters of Tianxin Pavilion Yin Jianyi and Li Rongyu won the third prize in the "2019 China (Nanchang) Historic and Cultural Mansions Interpreter Contest" respectively, marking that Tianxin Pavilion has entered the advanced ranks of the explanation service level of China's famous buildings.


There are 34 excellent professional contestants from Yueyang Tower, Yellow Crane Tower, Tengwang Pavilion, Penglai Pavilion and other 17 famous historical and cultural buildings to take part in this competition. 4 national professional professors were invited to the competition as the jury.According to the rules of competition, each contestant after "introduction", "elegant demeanour video", "we explain", "he floor explanation", "the knowledge question and answer" the fierce conflicts between five links, penglai pavilion players won the first prize, yueyang tower, tengwang pavilion, the stork towers in second prize, as pavilion, jiang floor reading, grand view pavilion, mountain players won third prize.


"Chinese historical and cultural buildings of the commentator style contest" held every two years, sponsored by the Chinese historical and cultural buildings professional protection committee, held in the building annual meeting of the unit, so far has been held five, to enhance the cultural exchanges of famous buildings, to promote the service level of famous buildings play a great supervisory and guiding role.