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Adhere to ten years of persuasion to persuade the good manners of civilization -- political and legal series reports on the Tianxin Pavilion civilization tourism
Published Time:2017-05-02

On May 1, 2017, Changsha Political and Legal Channel conducted a survey on Tianxin Pavilion on the topic of civilized tourism, "Persuading for more than ten years to develop civilized and good manners".As cabinet management office deputy secretary wang jing accepted reporter's interview, as pavilion scenic area in practice the socialist core values at the same time, the grid management over the years have formed a kind of normal work, in strict accordance with the inspector rota shall practise a system of cross points department responsibility area, each time arrangement of each department in turn round garden, timely find timely advice on uncivilized phenomenon.The scenic spot guide also adds the common sense of civilized tourism in the explanation service, and makes the proposal to the tourists and friends while explaining. We advocate civilized garden, do not destroy cultural relics and historic sites, do not litter the fruit peel and paper scraps everywhere, and take good care of the public environment together.