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Energy saving, My green sharing ,Tianxin Pavilion in action
Published Time:2017-06-13


On the afternoon of June 12, 2017, on the occasion of the arrival of the fifth National Low Carbon Day, Tianxin Pavilion held a publicity activity of "Energy Saving is My Own, Green Sharing" in the East Gate Ping.This activity aims to arouse citizens to establish the concept of low carbon, in life to form the awareness of energy saving and emission reduction, increase income and reduce expenditure.At the event site, Chen Jie, secretary of the Tianxin Pavilion Management Office, and members of the team distributed energy-saving and environmental protection leaflets to the general public friends who came to visit the park, and used publicity boards to better popularize the common sense of energy saving in life to the public, enhance the national awareness of energy saving, and guide everyone to start from the small things, start from their own.