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The Party branch of Tianxin Pavilion launched the theme party member day activities
Published Time:2020-05-29

On the morning of May 28, all the party members of tianxinge Party branch went to juzizhoutou to carry out the theme party day activities, listen to the stories of great men from the cultural landscape and revolutionary stories, and inherit the spirit of great men.




Through the systematic explanation of the magnificent revolutionary career of Mao Zedong and other proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation by the commentators in the scenic area, the young Mao Zedong's feelings of home and country are vividly reproduced, and the party's original intention and mission are deeply engraved in everyone's heart.


"I volunteer to join the Communist Party of China Be ready to sacrifice everything for the party and the people and never betray the party. " Before Chairman Mao's youth art sculpture, Chen Jie, Secretary of the Party branch, led all the party members to raise their right fists and review the oath of joining the party.




Subsequently, all Party members visited Changsha intangible cultural heritage exhibition hall and Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan two oriented Society exhibition hall.