Taiping army soul
Published Time:2021-02-02

The "Taiping Army Soul Stone Carving" recreates the battle scene of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom peasant rebels attacking Changsha City in 1852.It is the west king Xiao Chaogui spearheaded the horse wielding sword, unfortunately shot dead history as the background, vivid reproduction of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom soldiers wave after wave, the spirit of indomitably fighting.The sculpture makes people seem to reproduce the ancient battlefield scene of Chinese flag, drum, thunder, and sword, spear and sword.The old soldier was resentful and unyielding, and the female soldier called for his comrades and showed his indomitable heroism, presenting a solemn and stirring ode to the peasant uprising, which set people thinking.

The sculpture is 6 meters high, weighs 100 tons and covers an area of 54 square meters. It is made of high quality Sichuan general granite.