Exhibition hall of famous Chinese historical and cultural buildings
Published Time:2021-02-02

In October 2012, the management office of Tianxin Pavilion opened the "Exhibition Hall of Chinese Historical and Cultural Mansions" on the second floor of the south screen of Tianxin Pavilion. This exhibition hall collects the charm of 11 famous historical and cultural buildings in China, with pictures and pictures, rich content and exquisite decoration.历史文化名楼.png

Castle in the historical and cultural towers is unique to China, so far, by the protection of historical cultural towers at Chinese culture relics association professional committee of Chinese history and culture towers have 11, they respectively are yueyang yueyang tower, yellow crane tower in wuhan and nanchang tengwang pavilion, penglai pavilion, yongji city of penglai city as finches stork tower, changsha, kunming, grand view pavilion, nanjing, xi 'an bell tower, ningbo tianyi pavilion jiang floor reading, hangzhou mountain, saying that "China's 11 major historical and cultural towers".

Among the numerous pavilions, they are called "famous Chinese historical and cultural buildings", mainly because they are a cultural landscape integrating architectural landscape and culture and art, is a landmark building of a famous city!The punchline of famous Chinese historical and cultural buildings is "culture".Some famous towers are famous for celebrities, famous writings, famous poems and famous connections. Cui Hao's "Yellow Crane Tower" poem, Wang Bo's "Teng Wang Ge Preface", Fan Zhongyan's "Yueyang Lou Ji", Wang Zhihuan's "Aboard the Stork Tower" poem, the immortal culture of Penglai Pavilion, are all familiar to us!Nanjing "Yuejiang Lou Ji" was written by Zhu Yuanzhang. The completion of Yuejiang Lou ended the 600-year history of Yuejiang Lou, and the "first long couplet" of Daguan Lou has become a well-known couplet through the ages.The Tianxin Pavilion and the Bell and Drum Tower in Xi 'an are the "living fossils" of ancient cities in China, integrating ancient lofts with ancient city walls. The unique functions of worshiping heaven and telling the time highlight the cultural personalities of these two cities.Tianyi Pavilion is the earliest extant private library in China, which contains a large number of rare ancient books of great value.